Previous events

16th Annual Jokum Fest

Shudie's Grotto, 2021 NE Northgate Way, Seattle

Don Buss, Jack Cook & Gary Schudie's venerable, eons old music extravaganza on Saturday, August 18th, will feature an evening set by the DooWahs. Music starts at 3:00 so come early to hear some great local musicians. Complementary beverages and main dish will be provided. Please bring a side dish to share. All ages.

3:00 – 3:50 – One Mean Cheese (Donnie & Bill)

4:10 – 5:00 – Mick Knight

5:20 – 6:10 – Rag Tigers (Ellen Mills & Patrick Monteith)

6:30 – 7:20 – The Pourboys (Daddy Treetops, Billy Reed, Bill Fraser & Donnie T)

7:50 – 8:40 – The DooWahs (Connie Bigelow, Walter White, Bill E. Reed & Scott Martin)

9:00 – 9:50 – Town Hall Brawl Diane & Don Forsyth, William Chatsworth Reid, Jr. & Marty Vadalabene

Annual Garden Party

West Seattle

The DooWahs 6th Annual Garden Party will be held on Sunday, August 5th from noon until 6PM. It will be another afternoon of live music and support for our local elementary schools. We’ll provide music, snacks, beverages and backpacks, you are requested to bring school supplies and a dish to share. Rain or shine, we’re doing this! Kids and dogs welcome.

Here’s the lineup so far: • Michael Clune and Sleep ‘Til Noon will generate some rhythm and groove • Cory McDaniel and the Gone Johnson Review will bring their original tunes all the way from Wyoming (and Port Townsend) • Nikko, the Mighty Martino, will rap and sing until his sister comes home • Kaley Marie will perform a surprise mix of original and/or cover tunes • The DooWahs will circle the wagons, playing their unique brand of other people’s music with John Bigelow on tuba or lawn chair • Plus special guests!!


Poggie Tavern, 4717 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

The DooWahs will be celebrating the 200th anniversary of French physicist Augustin Fresnel's submission of a "supplement" (signed four days earlier), which, among other things, reports that optical rotation can be imitated by depolarizing the light with a Fresnel rhomb (in the form of coupled prisms), then passing it through an ordinary birefringent lamina, then repolarizing it with a second Fresnel rhomb at 90° to the first. The first human to explain this satisfactorily must sing "Louie, Louie" with the band. I guess we'd better learn "Louie, Louie."
Anywho, we've got a bunch of new songs prepared for your delectation, including Bobby Charles' "Save Me Jesus," Randy Newman's "Political Science," World Party's "Ship Of Fools," and, if necessary, Richard Berry's "Louie, Louie." Please come join us at Poggie Tavern, 4717 California Ave SW, for a festive Friday evening of dancing, drinking, darts, pool and pull tabs. We'll begin the music at 9PM and go until the Fresnel rhombs come home! Say the magic word (birefringent) and you can buy the band a beer!

Happy 2018! Cheers from the DooWahs!

Connie DooWah Bigelow Bill DooWah Fraser Scott DooWah Martin Bill DooWah Reed Walter DooWah White

And special guest Big Dad Bigelow on Tuba!!


Poggie Tavern, 4717 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Come witness the DooWahs on April 29, which is International Dance Day for those of you who like to hoedown around the pool table. The DooWahs will be brandishing their pedigreed collection of the Bottom Forty, beginning at 9 PM and flogging it until 1 AM on April 30th. They shoot horses, don't they? Poggie offers beer, wine, cider and pull tabs in a convivial atmosphere of long timers enjoying their home away from home.

We will also celebrate the anniversary of 1975's "Operation Frequent Wind," the pullout of the American presence in Vietnam as the North's eventual victory became inevitable. Hoping we can apply those techniques and "break bad" from Iraq and Afghanistan with a more frequenter wind. Remember, Monday will be May Day, the celebration of the International Workers of the World for all Wobblies, Mugwumps, One Worlders, Five No-Trumps and like minded members of the Peaceful Conspiracy for the Greater Communal Good. By the way, everything is all Obama's fault, if you are keeping count...

Poggie Tavern is in beautiful downtown West Seattle, 4717 California Ave SW 98116, just below SW Alaska St. It is a 21 and over venue and there is no cover charge. Poggie Tavern is surrounded by many excellent restaurants in the 2+ block Junction neighborhood; or you can order nuts, popcorn and $9 pizzas if you wish to minimize any aerobic exercise.

DooWahs at the Ould Triangle

Ould Triangle, 9736 Greenwood Ave North , Seattle, WA 98103

Oyez! Oyez! With only 305 days until St Patrick’s Day 2018, The DooWahs will festoon the Ould Triangle with beery song this Saturday, April 15 aka the Ides of April! Competing with pool, darts and a smoking patio with real fire in the rear(!) the DooWahs will doo their dangedest to move yer feet and warm yer soul. C’mon up to the north end and enjoy the comity of friendly drinkers listening to hearty tunes dialed up by Connie, Bill, Bill, Scott and Walter DooWah! That’s 2 Bills on tap!

No cover! No kids! 9736 Greenwood Ave N will be the scene to be seen at! 9 pm the time; let no man or woman tell ye different. We’ll be laying in some extra Irish whiskey for the Erin gae Bragh!

DooWahs 2016 Garden Party

West Seattle, SW Monroe St

We expect to fire up the tunes with a gentle soundcheck at 12 noon. Soon after, the live music will commence, and we have a strong and wide-ranging group of friends and neighbors who are adding their talents to the afternoon’s festivities.

•Kaley Marie has agreed to sing some of her songs as she has for the past 3 years.

•Grace Carroll will gift us with a youthful arrangement for cello and boombox.

•Brooklynn Thesenvitz, guitarist from Gregory Heights Elementary and School of Rock.

•Aaron and Malica Richards could perform a duet for guitar and keyboard; or they might present 2 solo or ensemble acts. The jury is currently out!

•Michael Clune and Sleep ‘Til Noon will generate some north end rhythm and groove for your swaying pleasure.

•Ocular Proof, James DeJoie’s long time improvising ensemble, will perform selections from their new recording.

•The DooWahs will finish the excitement with their unique brand of other people’s music. There could be an appearance of John Bigelow on tuba or lawn chair.

We will once again be accepting school supplies for our local elementary schools. Y’all have done a great job of this the past 3 years. Keep it up!

Cheers! The BigeloWhite and Duncan Co-Backyard Production Team

A sample supply list from Concord International K-5 can be found at: — Look under “Resources”