Poggie Tavern, 4717 California Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98116

Come witness the DooWahs on April 29, which is International Dance Day for those of you who like to hoedown around the pool table. The DooWahs will be brandishing their pedigreed collection of the Bottom Forty, beginning at 9 PM and flogging it until 1 AM on April 30th. They shoot horses, don't they? Poggie offers beer, wine, cider and pull tabs in a convivial atmosphere of long timers enjoying their home away from home.

We will also celebrate the anniversary of 1975's "Operation Frequent Wind," the pullout of the American presence in Vietnam as the North's eventual victory became inevitable. Hoping we can apply those techniques and "break bad" from Iraq and Afghanistan with a more frequenter wind. Remember, Monday will be May Day, the celebration of the International Workers of the World for all Wobblies, Mugwumps, One Worlders, Five No-Trumps and like minded members of the Peaceful Conspiracy for the Greater Communal Good. By the way, everything is all Obama's fault, if you are keeping count...

Poggie Tavern is in beautiful downtown West Seattle, 4717 California Ave SW 98116, just below SW Alaska St. It is a 21 and over venue and there is no cover charge. Poggie Tavern is surrounded by many excellent restaurants in the 2+ block Junction neighborhood; or you can order nuts, popcorn and $9 pizzas if you wish to minimize any aerobic exercise.