DooWahs at the Ould Triangle

Ould Triangle, 9736 Greenwood Ave North , Seattle, WA 98103

Oyez! Oyez! With only 305 days until St Patrick’s Day 2018, The DooWahs will festoon the Ould Triangle with beery song this Saturday, April 15 aka the Ides of April! Competing with pool, darts and a smoking patio with real fire in the rear(!) the DooWahs will doo their dangedest to move yer feet and warm yer soul. C’mon up to the north end and enjoy the comity of friendly drinkers listening to hearty tunes dialed up by Connie, Bill, Bill, Scott and Walter DooWah! That’s 2 Bills on tap!

No cover! No kids! 9736 Greenwood Ave N will be the scene to be seen at! 9 pm the time; let no man or woman tell ye different. We’ll be laying in some extra Irish whiskey for the Erin gae Bragh!